Hoovies Garage Net Worth: How rich is the YouTuber in 2022?

Tyler Hoover is a well-known automotive YouTuber in the United States, best known for his channel “Hoovies Garage.” He is famous for his interesting YouTube videos in which he makes bizarre acquisitions of inexpensive enthusiast automobiles and transforms them into new ones. As of 2022, Hoovies Garage’s net worth is estimated to be $2 Million.

Full NameTyler Hoover
Date of Birth1987
BirthplaceWichita, Kansas, United States
Net Worth$2 million

Early Life

Tyler Hoover was born in the United States city of Wichita.

He spent his youth in Wichita, and he graduated from Andover High School in 2005.

Tyler earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government from Wichita State University in 2010.

He worked as a vehicle salesman for a few automotive firms while attending Wichita State University, including Cadilac, Chevrolet, and BMW. He founded his vehicle store, “Ad Astra Automotive,” shortly after graduating. Initially, the firm was successful, but he began increasing reconditioning costs as it developed and expanded. As a result, his business was forced to close in January 2015.

Hoovies Garage Net Worth & Career

Tyler earns a decent living by selling his converted automobiles. However, he occasionally incurs losses as a result of maintenance charges.

In 2017, he spent more than $50,000 on mechanics to repair his cars. That defines his passion for the automobile, and he will not relinquish it even if he experiences a setback.

Hoover’s YouTube channel features a slew of popular videos that have amassed over a million views. One of his most popular videos was a how-to video on repairing a broken Mercedes S600 V12. He paid $4500 for the Mercedes.

He spent an estimated $13,000 repairing the automobile. The video quickly went viral, garnering 5.4 million views.

His next most popular video is about a $15,000 luxury Hyundai. In the video, he explains why the Hyundai is more luxurious than the Rolls Royce.

The video has earned 4.9 million views to date. Apart from repair videos, Tyler also posts automobile review videos in which he discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various vehicles.

He began working with FFC Midwest as an opening coordinator and operations support shortly after leaving his firm. Tyler launched his YouTube account during his tenure there. Initially, he created a video where he expressed his passion for automobiles. Surprisingly, the video gained popularity, motivating him to resign from FFC.

Tyler founded the YouTube channel ‘Hoovies Garage’ in 2016, and the channel now has 1.21 million subscribers. Tyler’s videos primarily focus on a collection of low-cost automobiles, which he calls “The Hoopties Fleet.”

He restores cheap cars, investing modest money on maintenance and repurposing them to be as appealing as a new car. In his videos, he walks viewers through the entire process of sourcing, purchasing, and fixing.

Hoovies Garage Net Worth

Tyler Hoover has collected, fixed, and sold over 100 automobiles to date. He currently has approximately 17 cars, all of which are stored in his garage.

He has numerous Mercedes, a 1951 Ford Country Squire, and a 1966 Ford Mustang among them. As of 2022, Tyler Hoover net worth is estimated to be $2 million. His primary sources of revenue have been his YouTube channel and repair services.

Hoovies Garage Net Worth Growth

Net worth in 2022$2 million
Net worth in 2021$1.7 million
Net worth in 2020$1.3 million

Personal Life

Quynh Anh is Tyler Hoover’s wife. Tyler met Anh for the first time at an Asian buffet restaurant in Wichita, where she had worked as a waiter, and their romance is said to have begun there. His wife, Anh, is a native of Vietnam.

They married in 2019, even though their daughter was born in 2011. According to sources, Anh did not marry him due to his enormous net worth. Tyler, on the other hand, married Anh in 2019. They had a son following their marriage.

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