Puma (Black Ink Crew) Net Worth: Is he richest cast member?

Paul Robinson, better known by his stage name Puma, is a well-known American reality television personality. His appearance on VH1’s reality show “Black Ink Crew” made him famous. Puma previously worked as the public relations manager at Black Ink Crew, a well-known tattoo parlor. He also runs Art2Ink, a tattoo parlor. As of 2022, Puma Black Ink’s net worth is estimated to be $150,000.

Full NamePaul Robinson
Date of BirthFebruary 13, 1982
Birth signAquarius
BirthplaceNew York City, United States
ProfessionReality TV personality
Net Worth$150,000

Early Life

Puma was born in New York City, New York, United States, on February 13, 1982. He grew up in The Bronx, one of New York City’s poorest boroughs. Despite coming from a low-income family, Puma has established himself as one of New York’s most famous tattoo artists. During his time as a graffiti artist in New York City, he was known as Puma.

Ceaser Emanuel, the owner of Black Ink Crew, grew up with Puma. He frequently refers to Ceaser as his elder brother. They grew up working together at Black Ink Crew, a tattoo shop. Ceaser owns five stores in various locations. At his shop, Puma was assigned the role of public relations manager.

Puma Net Worth & Career

Puma Net Worth & Career

Following their appearances on VH1’s reality show “Black Ink Crew,” Puma and Ceaser became well-known TV personalities. On January 7, 2013, the reality series premiered. It depicts the daily lives of its employees, who work at a tattoo parlor in Harlem. The reality show was just renewed for a ninth season.

For the fourth season of the reality show, Puma was the main cast member. He appeared as a guest in the fourth season, and he was a recurring member in the fifth season. In the eighth and ninth seasons, he returned as one of the prominent cast members.

He had an on-screen feud with Ceaser a few years ago. The high-octane drama between them became one of the series’ most famous showdowns. Ceaser attacked Puma after he purposefully dropped a lemon pepper chicken wing from his hand onto the shop’s floor.

Puma left his shop after the fight and went on to open his own tattoo shop, Art2Ink. After two years, Ceaser came out in support of Puma and praised his new shop. Though, he was a competitor in the end.

Puma Net Worth

Puma net worth is estimated to be around $150,000 as of 2022. He earned a decent amount of money through his appearance on VH1’s “Black Ink Crew.” However, his exact pay for an episode of the show has not been revealed. Aside from that, he makes a good living from his tattoo shop, Art2Ink.

Personal Life

Puma is married to Quani Robinson, a member of the Black Ink Crew recurring cast. Puma and his wife, Quani, appeared on Season 13 of the reality show “Marriage Boot Camp.” Puma has admitted that he and his wife, Quani, have been able to communicate better since appearing on the reality show.

He had a lack of communication with Quani before entering Marriage Boot Camp. Puma and his wife, Quani, have a daughter named Tamia. His daughter was named Tamia in honor of a deceased close friend who was planning to name her child Mia.


  • Puma, whose real name is Paul Robinson, is a well-known American reality television personality and a tatoo artist.
  • He was born in New York City, New York, United States, on February 13, 1982.
  • As of 2022, the net worth of Puma is estimated to be $150,000.

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