How is the Net Worth of Shaun King $3 million?

Jeffery Shaun King, or just Shaun King, is a writer and civil rights activist from the United States. He is a co-founder of the Real Justice Political Action Committee, and Shaun is well recognized for using social media to fight for social justice causes. As of 2022, Shaun King’s net worth is estimated to be $3 Million.

He recently made headlines for purchasing an $842K five-bedroom apartment with the money he raised for his social concerns through donations from his social media followers.

Full NameJeffery Shaun King
Date of BirthSeptember 17, 1979
Birth signVirgo
BirthplaceFranklin County, Kentucky, United States
ProfessionWriter, Civil rights activist
Net Worth$3 million

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Early Life

Shaun King was born in Franklin County, Kentucky, on 17th September 1979. His mother, Naomi Kay King, reared him with his brother. He began his studies at Huntertown Elementary School and eventually transferred to Woodford County High School.

According to King, he was a victim of prejudice while growing up in Kentucky. He was on the verge of death when many teenagers attempted to run the vehicle over him on school property.

Despite this, school officials chose the side of the children and took no action. As he grew older, he was severely abused by rednecks, forcing him to miss two years of high school.

Shaun later attended Morehouse College, earning a bachelor’s degree in history. He took a medical leave in the middle of his freshman year, and upon his return to Morehouse, he was awarded an Oprah Winfrey Scholar.

Though he was required to fulfill community service requirements to preserve the scholarship, he began teaching at the Franklin Lebby Stanton Elementary School.

Shaun King Net Worth & Career

Shaun began serving as a pastor at Total Grace Christian Center in Georgia following his retirement from teaching. By 2008, he had formed a church in Atlanta called “Courageous Church.”

At the time, he utilized social media to recruit new members. After four years as a pastor, he resigned from the Courageous Church, citing personal stress and disillusionment as reasons.

King gained prominence following the assassination of Michael Brown, for which he authored an article investigating the crime scene. He presented evidence throughout his analysis indicating the officer, Darren Wilson, was in no danger during the shooting.

He began working as a contributing blogger for the politically liberal website “the Daily Kos” in September 2014. His website has primarily discussed civil rights and violence in Missouri, Ferguson, and South Carolina.

Shaun established “The North Star,” a crowdfunded website, in 2019, and he described the website as an internet reincarnation. In August 2015, he also founded an organization called “Justice Together” to assist in discovering instances of police abuse and lobbying local legislators for reform.

In 2018, he co-founded the “Real Justice PAC.” The committee was founded to assist in electing city and county prosecutors who favor criminal justice reform.

Shaun King Net Worth

Shaun King’s personal wealth is estimated to be over $3 million as of 2022. While serving as a pastor at, he raised a significant sum of $1.5 million. This sum was raised in 2010 for earthquake sufferers.

To date, he has raised significant funds for various criminal justice causes. However, given the lack of openness surrounding the money he raised, it’s difficult to conclude he utilized all of it for charitable purposes and not for personal expenses.

Personal Life

Shaun King is the husband of a woman named Rai King. He and his wife, Rai, are raising five children. Two of his five children were legally adopted, while the other three were born to him and his wife.

King has been fundraising for various humanitarian organizations, including the Black Lives Matter campaign. He even launched the charity website in 2012 to solicit funds for specific individuals after hearing their tales.

Recently, King has been embroiled in controversy after it was discovered that he was misusing the contribution funds for personal purposes. When he purchased the $842K home, people began to take the allegation seriously.

King responded by stating that he had not purchased the house. His wife, Rai, is the one who purchased the property. “My wife bought this home, her first, after working her a-off for 20+ years,” he posted on Instagram.

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