TimTheTatman Net Worth: Is He the Richest Streamer?

Timothy John Betar, also known as Tim The Tatman in-game, is an American Twitch streamer and Youtuber. He is well known for his live streaming of Call of Duty: Warzone and World of Warcraft. As of 2022, TimTheTatman’s net worth is estimated to be $8 Million.

Full NameTimothy John Betar
Date of BirthApril 8, 1990
Birth signAries
BirthplaceSyracuse, New York
ProfessionTwitch Streamer and Youtuber
Net Worth$8 million

Early Life

TimTheTatman grew up in Syracuse, New York, as a single child and has always been a video game enthusiast. Tim’s mother died of alcoholism when Tim was only 15 years old.

Betar’s father expressed displeasure with his son’s video gaming addiction and asked for him to focus more on his education. Tim, on the other hand, would eventually move in with ActionJaxon, a Twitch streamer who was his childhood best buddy.

The two would spend most of their free time playing Tim’s favorite game, Classic World of Warcraft.

TimTheTatman Net Worth & Career

TimTheTatman Net Worth & Career

Tim worked as a shift supervisor in a halfway house prior to dedicating his full time to streaming. He began streaming on Twitch in 2012, during the early days of streaming. He began as a hobby in his spare time, but Tim quickly recognized its enormous potential.

He resigned from his job and began streaming full-time in 2014. Since then, he’s played a variety of games on the platform, the most popular of which have been Counter-Strike, Fortnite, and World of Warcraft.

Tim was named Fan Favorite Male Streamer/Gamer of the Year at the 2018 Gamer’s Choice Awards. He’s recently struck a deal with Twitch, which means he’ll be continuing to create content on the network. Tim is one of the most prominent streamers right now, with over 6.6 million Twitch followers and 3.3 million Youtube subscribers.

He was even featured in a commercial for the NFL’s Super Bowl and drove a tractor during the same event. Tim has also made effective use of his massive following, which he refers to as the Tatman army. In 2018, he raised $106,000 through streaming, which he donated to children’s medical research.

Yet, as he approaches the age of 30, he is considering his options for the future, as younger streamers in their twenties, become more popular with fans. As a result, he has joined with WME, with whom he may venture out from gaming in the future.

TimTheTatman Net Worth

TimTheTatman net worth is estimated to be $8 million as of 2022. He generates money through various sponsorship arrangements, advertising revenue, subscription fees, and donations from his followers. Currently, Monster Energy and Audio-Technica sponsor him. Tim also has a merchandising line, which is available through his website.

TimTheTatman Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth
Net worth in 2022$8 million
Net worth in 2021$6 million
Net worth in 2020$5 million

Personal Life

Tim is married to Alexis, whom he met during his senior year of high school. They married in 2016 and welcomed their first child, Brewer, in 2019. Tim is an avid follower of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and follows prominent participants such as Conor McGregor.


  • Timothy John Betar, also known as Tim The Tatman in-game, is an American Twitch streamer and Youtuber.
  • TimTheTatman was born on April 8, 1990 in Syracuse, New York.
  • As of 2022, The net worth of TimTheTatman is estimated to be $8 million.

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